“Success Doesn’t Come To You – You Go To It”

Success doesn’t come to you – you go to it.

— Marva Collins

Success can be defined in many ways. Some people define it in monetary terms. Others define it by their sense of fulfillment. Others define it by the number of people they help.

The definitions of success vary subtly or drastically.

In a post on Boston.com, Jennifer Spencer described three commonalities of successful professionals.

  1. They know their value, what they offer

  2. They are goal-oriented

  3. They know how to articulate their values and aspirations

Basically, successful people know their strengths, focus on long-term goals, and aren’t afraid to ask for advance in reaching the next level in an organization.

Truly success people also have a sense of fulfillment and happiness, which you can’t achieve unless you know your passions and purpose. Climbing the corporate ladder and earning a higher salary at each level may bring monetary success, but people often lack fulfillment and happiness. This is why we all know people who achieved financial success but are miserable in other areas of their lives. They sacrifice the things that make them happy to get the bigger paycheck.

There’s nothing wrong with monetary success, but you should be doing something that gives you a sense of fulfillment and makes you happy. There’s no need to sacrifice fulfillment and happiness for money. Know yourself. Find your passions and purpose then plan your long-term goal to success.

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