There are two main parts:

1) You discover the dimensions of your shape. This process of guided self exploration coaches you to uncover the inner aspects of your passions.

2) You discover where your shape fits-in in the universe. This second part of the process coaches you to match your shape with long-term goals that uniquely fit you so that you can live a successful life packed with fulfillment, joy and energy.

Our coaching process will help you find your passion, purpose and direction in life, as well as help you set long-term goals and chart a direct path to mega success. The process takes between 6 and 10 sessions. We offer our Passion/Purpose Finding Coaching Process for youth ages 14-22 in our Youth Success Lab.

Let us help you find your purpose, passions and direction in life. Discover where your unique shape fits in this world. Take a look at the profiles of our coaches here and choose who you would like to work with. Then contact us, so the coaching sessions and discovery can begin.

For more information, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Some history on the process: 

Upon interviewing many hugely successful individuals as part of writing his best-selling book (Jewish Wisdom for Business Success), Youth Directions co-founder and executive director Levi Brackman found that the thing that all mega successful people had in common was that they were passionate about what they were doing and that they were all extremely purposeful. In 2009, together with his friend Jim Williams, Levi Brackman co-founded Youth Directions to help young people find their own passion, purpose and direction in life so that they too could have a chance at mega success.

Levi Brackman and his team spent three years working one-on-one with youth helping them find their unique, positive, purpose in life and through this created Youth Directions’ Passion/Purpose Finding Coaching Process. The process is now proven to successfully guide the youth to find their passion, purpose and direction in life.