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Academic and Career Plan (ACP) & Individual Academic and Career Plan (ICAP)

Many states require that all public schools students create an Academic and Career Plan (ACP) sometimes known as an Individual Academic and Career Plan (ICAP). Research shows the immense value of having having a properly thought out plan that one is passionate about achieving. However, when the ACP/ICAP does not lead to a autonomously created purposeful goal the plan becomes a chore and will lack excitement and meaning.

The Challenge

Many of the programs schools use for ACP/ICAP (Naviance, Xap, College in Colorado etc.) rely on short surveys (“Do What You Are,” “Career Cluster Interest Inventories,” “Interest Profilers” etc.) to help the student decide on a career destination. Whilst most of these surveys have validity they are not autonomy enhancing for the student who will often not identify with the results. This then negatively impacts the entire ICAP/CAP process because the plan is not based on something that the student has themselves feels passionate or purposeful about. In addition, it is counter intuitive to spend so much time on the plan and only a short period at the beginning of the process trying to figure out where the plan should lead.

The Solution – Purpose Navigator

pnsmallPurpose Navigator is an autonomy enhancing, purpose discovery coaching curriculum that comes replete with lesson plans, resources and a state of the art online application that acts as an online purpose discovery workbook/guidebook. It has a self discovery component as well as a career focused purpose discovery component. The purpose discovery process is based on empirical research of how teenagers find purpose in life and utilizes the latest ideas from Self Determination Theory to help motivate students to success. It offers the perfect start to an ICAP/CAP process for a high-school student.

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