“After one and a half years in college I was still unsure of what I wanted to do. It took just three weeks of Youth Directions coaching and now I am sure and clear about what I want to do in my life and what my purpose is.”  -David Finger

Statistics show that the cost to attend college for four years is on average more than $80,000[1]. In many cases, it is twice that. Your parents may help you pay for it, but most students take out loans.

After paying all the money and getting a degree, what happens if you graduate with no idea of what you actually want to do? It’s a common problem that makes $80,000 look like a pretty steep price to pay for uncertainty.

If you had a solid idea of what you want to do before you get to college, those ‘expensive’ years will be much more enjoyable, focused, and productive. It’s time NOW to focus on what you love. Let’s help you make sure your educational investment pays off big. This will help you lead an extraordinarily successful life.

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